Let us optimise your tribe


At Trace Marketing we are all about optimising marketing budgets, and to do this we know that having a rich customer database is essential. Data is one of our business's most valuable assets. It is our tribe. We need to protect it, maintain it, grow it, speak to it, feed it and leverage it. If your data tribe isn’t being optimised then you're missing opportunities.

Let us show you how to start working that tribe.


We all know the saying when it comes to data,  it’s rubbish in and rubbish out. If your customer database has become an outdated cluster of worthless cells, then you could be missing opportunities. Don’t restrict your marketing potential by having incorrect or incomplete data. Let us whip it into shape so you can get stuck in.





Need a sales boost in your quiet months? Need to get rid of stagnant stock? Have a great offer to get those lapsed customers back on board? Let us drive your sales forward.  Need a referral or two to drive acquisition? Let us be your tool! Let us generate qualified leads for you so your time can be better spent actioning them.





Do you really know what your customers are thinking about your brand and product/service that you offer? Is there a disconnect between what you think you are and what your customers think?  By communicating with your customers through an external agency, you can get HONEST feedback on your current products/services. These insights can prove invaluable in finding opportunities with your customers.  Remove the doubt and let us help you to deeply understand who your customers are and what they REALLY think.

  • CUSTOMER insights




When was the last time you put yourself in your customers shoes? What is their real experience with your business? Each stage of your customers journey provides you with an opportunity to build a deeper connection with them. 

You can take them on the journey from awareness to advocate, or you can let them slip through the cracks by ignoring the missing links in their journey with you. Let us be your undercover customer and sniff out the problems and the solutions.




Get in touch and we can show you how to get the most from one of your most valuable assets.